Valley View CAMPUS

We are thrilled to have our philosophy expanded across South Austin and into a new space conveniently located just around the corner from the original campus. Our admission process welcomes children as early as 3 years old, once the battle against nap time has named its victor, and those who are proudly potty trained and ready to roam free in our great outdoor space.

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Kinder Program –

Our mission is simply to prepare all kiddos as much as possible for 1st grade and beyond! We will offer an environment of hands-on learning, relationship building, and joy-finding while introducing school level concepts and practices through developmentally appropriate individual and group activities. When students leave HH kindergarten, they’ll be ready to navigate through any alternative or traditional school setting. They will have mastered their socio-emotional skills, phonics/reading, writing, mathematics, history, art (Oh, there will be art!!), and science.

Alumni homage:

“For anyone considering VV kinder can I just say Gus has had an incredible year! He is starting to read and doing basic addition and subtraction and more importantly looks forward to going to school every day. I have seen so much growth this year in him, both academically and as a great little human. Cannot recommend VV and Monica highly enough!” – Audrey

“Lukas has loved kinder and learned so much this year. And looks forward to going every day!” – Maria

“We have been very happy with our decision to stay at VV for kindergarten! He loves it & I’m confident he will be ready for 1st grade next year.” – Maia

“As a parent of an HH kindergartner, I can attest that it has been a fabulous experience!” – Tricia

“A huge thank you to you guys for giving these kiddos such an amazing place to learn and love. I am so grateful.” – Jennifer